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To open a company in Cyprus

Whether you are looking to register a company or set up a trust in any reputable jurisdiction offshore or not, or be offered corporate management or escrow services or whether you are looking for international tax planning, we are the partners you can trust.

Please feel comfortable to contact us any time for an initial free advice or a quote in any one of our services.


Even though we are a Cyprus based company we undertake company registration in most jurisdictions all over the world.

Cyprus Company

According to the legislation, Cyprus companies are incorporated by practicing lawyers who are members of and regulated by the Cyprus Bar Association.

Main features of a Cyprus company

  • Cyprus Company Law is to its greatest extent based on the U.K. 1948 Companies Act.
  • At least one shareholder and one director are required who may be a corporate entity or a physical person either Cyprus resident or abroad.
  • One secretary is required.
  • Registered office is required, which may be provided by our company.
  • No minimum share capital. Share capital could be in any currency.
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association required.
  • Facility to have more than one class of shares (e.g. dividend shares, shares with voting rights, shares relating to specific property etc.).
  • No bearer shares allowed.
  • Audited annual financial accounts required by locally registered qualified auditors.
  • Company' s structure (information about directors, shareholders, secretary, registered office) forms part of a public record at the Company's Registrar but if anonymity is required, it may be preserved through trustee/ nominee services offered by our company with regards to shareholders, directors, secretary.

Shelf Companies – Pre approved Cyprus Company names

We maintain a number of shelf companies for clients who want to proceed with a transaction immediately. If trustee/nominee services will be required, opening of bank accounts, tax registration and VAT registration, may be effected immediately. If not then changes in the company's shareholders, directors, secretary and registered office may be effected immediately but some time will pass before the new certificates are received by the Company's Registrar.

We maintain a number of pre-approved Cyprus company names as well, to save time for incorporation of a new company.

If none of the above is required then it takes approximately 3 – 4 days to have the name approve and approximately an other 10 days before the company is registered.

Cyprus is beautiful island situated in the east end of the Mediterranean sea . It is a place with breath taking sandy beaches and a society where close family ties, Christian values, Greek island hospitality and human approach still exist.

Cyprus though, has much more to offer.

Cyprus was a British colony until 1960 when it became an independent state. The vast majority of the population speaks English sometimes quite as fluently as Greek which is the mother language in the island. Signs are always both in English and Greek and most information, both with regards to the private and public sector, is found both in English and Greek.

The banking system is highly rated and it follows British standards. There are quite a few banks in Cyprus with international presence. Cyprus is a full member of the European Union since the 1 st of May 2004 and has joined the monetary union and adopted the Euro since the 1 st of January 2008 .

Cyprus has a considerable number of advantages to offer:

Tax benefits

  • Competitive and reputable international financial centre with tax advantages but distinguishable from other infamous tax heavens.
  • Lowest corporate tax rate in the European Union (10%).
  • Double tax treaties with a considerable number of jurisdictions.
  • No tax on dividends earned by Holding Company from subsidiaries when certain criteria are met.
  • Dividends of non tax resident shareholder are tax exempted.
  • Profits of companies not tax resident are tax exempted.
  • Profits from sale of shares in the stock exchange are tax exempted.
  • Shareholders who are tax resident may have their world wide income being taxed in Cyprus provided there is a double tax treaty.
  • No tax on the interest from bank deposits held by non tax residents in Cyprus .
  • Tax relief for group losers (Holding, subsidiaries, etc.).
  • No tax on group reorganizations (mergers or dimergers).
  • No capital gains tax in Cyprus on sale of immovable property held outside Cyprus if company is tax resident in Cyprus .
  • V.A.T. advantages.
  • Royalty income advantages.
  • Full adoption of E.U. directions.

* One of the Key features for a company to be considered as tax resident in Cyprus is that its management and control is exercised in Cyprus .

Other Benefits

There are lots of jurisdictions offering low or 0 tax rates but very few and maybe none apart from Cyprus may offer a combination of tax with a number of considerable other benefits such as:

  • Strong Economy.
  • Full member of the European Union.
  • Full member of the European Monetary Union.
  • Political stability with a presidential democracy political system. Both the president and the members of parliament are voted directly from the public.
  • Move profit to the Cyprus company so that you pay lower tax.
  • Confidentiality of the ownership of Cyprus companies through trustee services and the Cyprus International Trust while at the same time full security of beneficial ownership if offered.
  • Receive commissions with full anonymity.
  • Purchase property in other jurisdiction with full anonymity.
  • Highly advanced service sector (auditors, lawyers, bankers, tax experts).
  • Excellent banking system.
  • No exchange control restrictions.
  • Low set up and maintenance costs for companies.
  • Security with regards to the system relating to the acquisition of immovable property.

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