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Question: Can permanent residence permit be obtained with the putchase of resale house? Or it can be obtained only for the new property?
Answer: The permanent residence permit can be obtained with the purchase of any type of a property - whether it is new or resale property. The main concern is to purchase a property with value of more then 300 000 EURO and to submit to the immigration authorities all the required documents. Please read more here.

Question: How can we obtain a visa from China to come to Cyprus for viewings of the properties?
Answer: There are 2 types of visas that can be issued in the embassy of Cyprus in China: travel visa and business visa. The easiest way is to obtain the travel visa. You need to contact the embassy directly or to make a visa through a local travel company. For your reference, here is an official information about types of visas and requirementsof getting visas to Cyprus.

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